Banner Exchanges have been around since the dawn of the internet, and
there's a reason that Pro Marketers still swear by them... they just work.

  • They're Extremely Simple To Use
  • They're Quick & Easy to Set Up
  • After That They Run Hands-Free
  • And They Generate Quality Clicks

Even if you're new to online marketing, this should be a no-brainer.

Any time you can invest a small amount of time setting up something that's going to deliver ongoing traffic... JUST DO IT!

The more experienced marketers will know all that already. And chances are you're already using some other Banner Exchanges?

In that case, you're probably wondering why you'd even need another one?

Well no matter what your experience, stick with me a minute and I'll explain.

In fact, I'll even show you how you can lock-in a very special Pre-Launch Membership for free, on a brand new Banner Exchange that's already shaking things up...

I'm a big fan of Banner Exchanges, but unfortunately, it doesn't always end well...

I've wasted time on some that looked great, but just couldn't deliver. They never got enough members to be able to deliver a decent volume of impressions, let alone actual visitors.

Others generated loads of impressions, but too many Members must have hidden the banner codes way down their pages... so clicks were few and far between.

Some looked promising, but they were more about selling Banner Impressions to non-Members, so their exchange rates were abysmal...

And worst of all, there's been a few now that have simply shut up shop and disappeared. Leaving me (and my referrals) out-of-pocket for all the time, effort and money I'd put into it.

Fortunately that's pretty rare, but it did happen again with Turbinance in April 2024. That's what got me thinking about building my own Banner Exchange.

And as you can probably guess by now, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to build a Banner Exchange that would address all these issues and also deliver exceptional value to all the Members...

And I'm pleased to say, we've done just that!

Introducing EzBanEx Viral Banner Exchange

EzBanEx is a brand new, super-viral Banner Exchange designed to deliver maximum exposure to all our Members over a massive network of websites.

We've drawn on more than 27 Years of Online Marketing Experience, to create a Banner Exchange that incorporates all the best features from every banner exchange we've ever used...

Just as importantly, we've done it in a way that addresses all the shortfalls we've experienced on other Banner Exchanges. We paid particularly close attention to exchange rates, click thrus and referral rewards.

We've also been quick to embed EzBanEx into several of our other (EzSitez) websites, to ensure it grows quickly and gets constant ongoing exposure for the foreseeable future.

As a guide, we've only been open for 11 weeks now, but already we have 471 marketers who've come onboard and added our Banner Exchange codes on 2017 unique domains.

With over 6000 Members across the EzSitez network... and the owners of several other large membership websites recently joining... it's safe to say

  EzBanEx is going to get really big, really fast!  

EzBanEx Stats So Far...

Keep in mind we've only been going 11 weeks!

Free Members: 448
Pro Members: 23
Total Members: 471
Unique Domains: 2017
Banner Impressions: 1745746
Banner Clicks: 2789

Here's what it'll look like when you come onboard today...

  • Join today and we'll give you 5000 Credits To Get You Started
  • Your Choice of 9 Popular Banner Sizes. The standard 468px banners you see 'everywhere' are actually the least effective option of the lot, so you have additional options to really get your banners noticed!
  • Simple Banner Exchange Codes for each format, so you can put the best banner in each of your available placements.
  • Alternate Banner Exchange Links that will work on any traffic site that lets you submit banners as links. i.e. NO WEBSITE REQUIRED! ... More on this later... it's big!
  • Your Personal Surf Page is a custom profile-style page that earns you credits on multiple websites, promotes your EzBanEx affiliate link as well as three of your own offers!
  • Your Team Builder Page is a downline-builder on steriods! It does everything your Personal Surf Page does, but it also generates it's own traffic. (More on that later too!)
  • Our Sneaky Frame-Up system lets you add our Banner Exchange codes to ANY splash page you want, so you earn extra banner credits while you promote any other offer in any other traffic site.
  • Instant Bonus Credits For Every Referral to reward you for sharing your EzBanEx link with your connections. Plus there's lots of promo tools if you want to take it further... which you probably will!
  • A Generous 0.6 Exchange Rate for showing EzBanEx Banners on your sites. This is 20% higher than most exchanges!
  • Plus you'll earn Additional Credits for your Referrals efforts, and their referrals, and so on, down through 6 Levels. This takes our exchange return rate to a massive 0.95!
  • We'll get you set up with just a few simple steps, and then you'll manage all this with an Easy-To-Use Member's Dashboard.
  • There you'll find easy instructions to get you set up fast, as well as detailed statistics on all aspects of EzBanEx and your account, for full transaparency.
  • COMING SOON... We've got some exciting extra features and bonuses on the way that I'm itching to tell you all about, but I'd better hold off until they're ready to go!

So I hope by now you've got a feel for what we're trying to do here, and how much it will benefit you to get in early while this is still so new.

When you take action today, you not only get a great Pre-Launch deal, you're also locking in First-Mover Advantage...

For once you can be the one telling all your connections about this hot new opportunity... before they all start emailing you...

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But How Useful Is Another Banner Exchange... Really?

What I like most is the ability to add a banner to one website, the Banner Exchange, and know that it's going to instantly start appearing on hundreds of other websites, without me needing to do a thing.

Obviously you do need to generate credits, but when you see our Viral Team Builder page in action, you'll realise that doesn't need much effort either!

So I would happily set up a dozen more Banner Exchanges, if I could find others that worked as efficiently as EzBanEx!

Once you're set up, you can do as much or as little as you like, but here's a few things you can do with your EzBanEx Membership, if you want.

1. Add your Personal Surf Page to your Traffic Exchanges and Rotators. This will earn you credits on multiple traffic sites and grow your EzBanEx downline as well.
2. Add your Team Builder Page to your rotators and email it to your lists. This is a complete self-promoting viral system... it will literally grow itself!
3. Promote Your List Builder Funnel This one is coming soon and like everything we do here, it's all about creating ongoing traffic from set-and-forget strategies!
4. Add Exchange Codes To Your Splash Pages. No matter what you're promoting, we'll show you how you can add our codes to ANY splash page and earn more credits on full-auto from all your campaigns.
5. Our unique Banner Linking Option lets you add links to virtually any traffic exchange or ad site. If a traffic site lets you submit banners as links, you can use those slots to generate EzBanEx credits.
6. Finally... Use those Lifetime Banners. Most people have got a heap of these that they never do much with, but our Banner Linking option means you can add the links and reap the rewards (hands-free credits) forever.

It's important to point out here, EzBanEx is designed to be Set-and-Forget... if you want. You can add your Banners, publish the Exchange Codes in a few places, and leave it at that...

But if you invest a little time and effort at the start, it will impact your results for many years to come. If you spend an hour or two on this now; to set up your Bonus Pages, drive a bit of traffic and bring in a few referrals... 

Your EzBanEx network will be Up and Running FAST with the kind of momentum that is virtually UNSTOPPABLE.

In the end it's entirely up to you, but highly recommended!

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OK, One Last Thing Before You Get Started...

The form below will let you create a Free Lifetime Account on EzBanEx.
There is no cost and this isn't a trial. This account is packed full with all the features outlined above, and you can use this account for free, forever.

We do have some optional upgrades for people who might need additional resources, but we aren't going to bother you every time you login with a whole lot of fake urgency and scarcity.

We'll let you get set up and test it all out, and if YOU decide you want more of anything, you can always check out your options in the Member's Area.

Until then, your only investment is your time and your attention... and I urge you to give us both for the next few minutes, so we can get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible!

For now, just enter your details in the form below and submit. We'll send your password to the email you provide, so please make sure it's a working address. GMail will usually work best.

Do that now, and I'll see you on the inside!

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Two Frequently Asked Questions

This is quite new, but these two have been coming up quite a bit already. Hopefully I've covered them above, but just in case you're still not 100% sure...

But I Don't Have A Website?

That is exactly why we built EzBanEx to work with standalone Banner and Target Links.

Most exchanges give you a single block of code, so you need access to the html to add it to your pages.

A lot of marketers don't have that option, so we came up with a solution that lets you add our Banner Exchange Codes to virtually any traffic site out there.

I'm Not Technical or Experienced?

That's OK too. This is deliberately super-easy. Even the most technical parts!

If you can copy-and-paste links and fill out web forms, you can do this. 

We have put together detailed, step-by-step instructions for anything at all technical, and of course we're standing by, ready to assist, if you ever get stuck.

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