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This is a brand new viral Banner Exchange Network and we've just opened the doors for Beta-Testers and long-term Partners. We're looking for Experienced Marketers prepared to get in early and help us get this up and running ASAP!

As you can see from this page, right now our focus is on getting the functionality right. We'll get back to the aesthetics once that's done!

We do believe we've covered everything and got everything working, but you can be the judge of that...

  • Register your Free Account below
  • Submit your Banners (9 Sizes!)
  • Add the Banner Exchange Code
  • Share Your Referral Link

After that, your Banners will start showing immediately!

Right now that will mostly just be on the EzSizes network, but they'll begin to show further afield as our membership grows and more members start adding our exchange codes to their websites and blogs. (We have some surprise incentives lined up for those that do this during the pre-launch, but we'll tell you about on the inside!)

Where the magic really happens is when you share your referral link. You'll earn matching-bonus credits based on the efforts of your referrals, and their referrals, and their referrals... and so on... down through 6 levels!

So with this early start you're getting today, you can bring in all your best people now, and start building a powerful network that will deliver a never-ending supply of hands-free viral traffic.

This isn't for everyone just yet though.

We are new and there may be a few bugs our early testers missed. Plus we might need to make a few changes as we get a few more people using the system. So if any of that is likely to concern you, please wait a little while and call back later.

On otherhand, if you're an experienced marketer wanting to get a head-start on this brand-new viral phenomenen, just enter your details in the form below and we'll get you started ASAP!

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EzBanEx In A Nutshell

We're now launching as a super-viral Banner Exchange program designed to deliver maximum exposure to all our Members over a massive network of websites.

Here's how it works...

  • Place our Banner Exchange code on your website pages to earn credits.
  • Use those credits to have your banners shown on other people's websites.
  • Refer new Members to earn a matching bonuses based on their credits...
  • Earn similar bonus credits through 6 levels of your downline.
  • Plus we'll be adding extra ad options and bonuses once we're fully launched!

Right now, we're looking for launch partners who are OK to assist with some final beta-testing. We've checked everything extensively ourselves, but there's always a few bugs that slip through. Plus there's usually even more good ideas that come up once we get some fresh eye's looking it all over...

So if you're open to helping with all that, just enter your in the form to the left, click the confirmation link in the email that arrives, and we'll have you up and running in the next few minutes!

In Case You Missed It, Turbinance Has Had Some Issues...

We love Banners and we love most things about Banner Exchanges, but unfortunately a few exchanges have let us down in the last couple of years. This is particularly frustrating, as we've not only lost the work and money we invested, but also because we've embedded a few of these now in our own programs. In doing so, we've encouraged our members to invest their own time and money, and we hate to see them lose out as well.

It looks like Turbinance has has issues with their web host and is trying to get it resolved, but others have simply closed the doors and disappeared... either way, it's a set-back for everyone involved and one we don't want to risk it all happening again with some other program.

So we've elected to build our own straight-up banner exchange. EzBanEx has been designed to deliver serious banner impressions and traffic to anyone who wants to add our exchange code their their web pages and we've built it from the ground up, to ensure it's 100% reliable, totally sustainable and extremely effective.

To that end, we have built-in a referral program that rewards you with matching bonuses based on your downlines' efforts, al the way through 6 levels!

And you can be confident that EzBanEx is fully supported as a permanent part of the EzSitez network.

It will be permanently embedded in several of the existing EzSitez programs, which means we'll be actively promoting it to all our Members across those sites, so we expect to have several thousand members here before you know it.

So if that sounds like the kind of set-and-forget traffic system we all love, please jump in NOW and help us make this the best Banner Exchange program EVER!

Submit your banners, publish your Banner Exchange code, tell your list...

And let us do the rest...












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