About EzBanEx

What We Do & Why We Do It!

EzBanEx gives any website or blog owner, immediate exposure for your Banner Ads across hundreds of quality websites, totaly free of charge. We offer a broad range of Banner Sizes and enforce strict Quality Rules, to ensure you get Clicks as well as Impressions.

You'll get detailed statistics for your own Banner Ads, plus we also provide detailed tracking every aspect of the exchange, so you can see where your ads are being displayed and which sizes are performing best, so you can tweak your campaigns and maximise your performance.

We're still just getting started, but we already have a solid platform with a strong membership base and extensive network of user websites. Regardless of your experience, we encourage you to come onboard, grab your Banner Exchange Embed Codes and add a couple of your own banners today, to see just how easy it is to get started, and just how far we can take this!

EzBanEx In A Nutshell

This is a faily standard Banner Exchange program and while we've kept it super-simple to use, you'll see we've made a few of our own modifications to make it even more effective.

Here's how it works...

  • Place our Banner Exchange code on your website pages to earn credits.
  • Use those credits to have your banners shown on other people's websites.
  • Refer new Members to earn a matching bonuses based on their credits...
  • Earn similar bonus credits through 6 levels of your downline.
  • Plus you can even earn extra credits for actual (unique) clicks!

The goal is here is real clicks for everyone, so our system is designed to reward Members for showing the Best Converting Banners in Prime Locations on their websites and blogs.

Of course we also want to have a broad selection of websites showin your banners, so we also reward you extremely well for introducing new Members AND helping them get set up. Referral rewards are paid out over 6 levels, so any effort you make to grow your downline will reap rewards for many years to come!

If that sounds like a better plan, you can go back to the Registration Page here and get started today!


In Case You Missed It, Turbinance Has Disappeared...

We love Banners and we love most things about Banner Exchanges, but unfortunately too have simply disappeared on us in the last couple of years. This is doubly frustrating, as we've not only lost the work and money we invested, but also because we've embedded a few of these now in our own programs, and in doing so, we've encouraged our members to invest their own time and money as well.

It looks like Turbinance has has issues with their web host and is trying to get it resolved, but others have simply closed the doors and disappeared... either way, it's a set back for everyone involved.

I personally suspect that the embedded matrix-style affiliate programs could be part of the problem. Outsiders such as the webhosts tend to view them as ponzi schemes and possibly illegal. And there's always some unscrupulous website owners who'll be tempted to take the money and run... especially if it's proving to generate more work than cashflow for them...

Either way, the one thing you will not find here is any sort of built-in money program.

Instead we've elected to build a straight-up banner exchange that's been designed purely to deliver banner impressions and traffic to anyone who adds our exchange codes their their web pages.

We have a referral program that rewards you with matching bonuses based on your downlines' efforts through 6 levels, but there'll be no matrix or payment program to leave you wondering if this site is going to disappear one day as well!

Instead you can be confident that EzBanEx is part of the EzSitez network. It will be fully-supported and permanently embedded in several of the existing EzSitez programs.

This also means we'll be actively promoting it to all our Members across those sites, so we expect to have several thousand members here before you know it.

I hope you might be one of them!