Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here first for all common issues...

Please check below for quick answers to many common questions. If you can't find the information you need, you'll find a link to our Helpdesk at the bottom of the page.

Can I link to a rotator?

Yes... if you use an appropriate banner. Rotators are fine as long as your banners are generic and match the page content. If people are confused and scratching their heads, wondering how they ended up on a certain website, that's bad and some people will remove our exchange codes if they get complaints.

Can I add more than one Exchange Code to a page?

Yes, but only if they are different sized banners. You can add the Banner Exchange Codes to your page twice, but only if you use two different banner sizes. Our system will not work if you add the code for the same sized banners twice. And our terms of use expressly prohibit adding more than two of our banners to a single page.

Can I have other Ads & Banner Ads on the same page?

Yes, with a little common sense. If you have a long page with loads of content people are likely to read, then it makes sense to add a couple of ad blocks throughout your content. However, if you try to rort the system by adding multiple instances of multiple ad exchange codes to pages with no content or purpose other than to generate credits, we will eventually catch on and block you from our system.

Is There Any Cost To Join?

No, this is totally free to join and use, forever. We do have a couple of upgrades & add-ons designed for pro marketers who need more banners slots or could use some extra credits for one-off campaigns, but everyone else can use EzBanEx for free, forever.

Are There Restrictions On What I Can Promote

Basic common-sense, common-usage rules DO apply. All Banners and Target URLs must be 100% family-friendly. Your ads are only running courtesy of the other members on their websites, so treat them with due respect. Anything pornographic or illegal will result in your account being permanently cancelled without warning.

Is There An Affiliate Program or Commissions?

Yes and No... At this stage we are purely focused on the traffic exchange functions, so there is a referral program that will reward you (very well, over multiple levels) for building a strong downline, but there is no money program built-in.

We expect the vast majority of users will be quite happy to use EzBanEx for free, and the upgrades and add-ons are very low-cost, so there was no real benefit complicating things for a small volume of even smaller commissions.

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